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e5n_devildog 07-24-2014 11:25 PM

Ford 5.4 cam phaser and timing set post swap. NEED ADVICE
I am new to the forums so thanks ahead of time for any and all assistance. I have been perusing the site and specific posts prior to tackling the below scenario so thanks for all of the great information.

2005 Expedition 5.4L

My Issue:
I tackled the cam phaser and timing set issue this past weekend. I chose to go with the Livernois Lockout (w/out the tuner because I am getting it tuned locally) and a timing set from RockAuto. I used the combination of all the insight I gained from the forums and alldatadiy to complete the task of take down and reassembly per ford specs.

Post assembly the engine has no power. I am talking about not enough to drive into town a mile away and vibration can be felt in the drivers seat.

I feel I can rule out the Livernois lockouts out because the VCT system does not activate unless the engine is at operating temp and above 800rpm (read on forums but have not been able to verify in the factor service manual). I have experienced the lack of power on a cool engine that was just started as well as one that is warm.

I have cleaned all injectors and checked the engine for vacuum leak via the smoke and propane methods.

I am stumped.

I do however have a Autoenginuity diagnostic tool at my disposal but am a bit unclear how or what to check. So far I have verified that there is no misfires being reported. As well, I used the Autoenginuity diagnostic tool to experiment with the ignition advance, which appears to calm down the felt vibration.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

2005 Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L

e5n_devildog 08-03-2014 11:23 AM

So, I removed the cam phasers with the lockouts and put in a new set of cam phasers. I am back to just a timing set and cam phaser swap which should be pretty strait forward. Upon completion I am getting the following codes.





With the exception of the P1000 code, which will take a couple of good drive cycles to clear I am suspecting a wiring issue. That being said I could use any advice or words of wisdom to help keep me on track to resolve this one.

The Truck runs ok cold but once it is warmed up it has no power and idles like crap.

2005 Expedition 5.4L Eddie Bauer

e5n_devildog 08-16-2014 07:23 PM

Alright, I wanted to post a bit of an update on the above problems in the hopes that once resolved this thread will help someone else out.

Condition now: I have been able to clear all of the codes on the motor by trouble shooting the individual codes and tracing the issue to it source and resolving it. All of the codes were wiring continuity issues and meaning shorts to ground or shorting in a signal wire.

So with no code showing at all I have the following conditions. The truck starts and idles fine. Minor vibration at idle but I am not sure it was not there previously. The engine sounds better than is ever has.

Issues: At idle (750rpm or so) in park if I ease into the throttle there is no issue as all. If from idle in park I hit the throttle quickly the engine bogs down for a second or two and then picks up as normal. Placing the vehicle in gear with my foot on the brake causes a normal rpm drop but the engine vibrates beyond normal as if it would like to stall but is not quite there.

Driving it down my road it does not want to get above 1000rpms regardless of how much gas I put to it. If I give it to much I believe I hear a pop from the exhaust but cannot verify if it is back firing.

Also, at idle there is a heavy gas smell from the exhaust. I did the old school sheet of paper over the exhaust to see if there was exhaust suction and it does have suction every half second or so. I am not sure if this is normal or a symptom of the issue.

Stroked93 08-16-2014 10:05 PM

Plug in the mass air flow meter

e5n_devildog 08-16-2014 10:09 PM

Harness is plugged in tight. I will do a full continuity test on it a bit later.

Do you think the mass air flow meter would cause all this and not set any code?

Thanks for the advice.

e5n_devildog 08-18-2014 01:32 PM

It did a full continuity test on every wire in the Mass air flow sensor and everything checks out good.

Any other thoughts on what could cause this?


tomb1269 08-18-2014 05:47 PM

Sounds as if the time has jumped to me.

e5n_devildog 08-18-2014 05:54 PM


Thanks for the info. I thought the time had jumped as well and suspected bank 1 was retarded one tooth. Advanced bank 1 one tooth and then got cam position sensor codes that did not show before. So, I retarded bank 1 again one tooth which cleared the codes.

Back to square one.

Thanks for the advice,

e5n_devildog 09-01-2014 05:25 PM

Update and possible solution, time will tell but it is looking good so far.

So I bit the bullet and took the expo to a local shop for diagnosis. They fairly quickly came back with cylinder 2 being dead and said the coil pack was not the issue.

So on top of everything else I get to tackle the dreaded spark plug replacement job. I took my time and did the soak and warm-up method for the plugs. I ended up breaking off just two of the 8. Not to bad. I ordered the Lisle tool to extract those two after the Autozone rental tool (the one with the glue then tap method) for this failed. The Lisle tool had both plug sleeves out and replaced in about 30 minutes. I took my time and the tool worked perfectly.

After the plugs were changed the expo would run like a scolded dog until it got to peak operating temperature. Once to peak operating temp once you slowed to a stop it would act as if the timing was off, which to me meant either the vct did not have enough pressure of that there was some form of electrical interference (possible alternator issue).

Well as we all know the gauge on the dash is useless for determining oil pressure. So I took the oil sender off and installed a T fitting with a mechanical oil pressure gauge inside the cab (fun job on the 4x4). I warmed the expo up and then went for a drive on a path that will typically trigger the issue without getting me to far from home armed now with real numbers for oil pressure. Well sure enough the oil pressure at idle in gear would drop to about 15psi and the issue would occur.

So today I did some research and decided to change out the factory suggested oil weight 5w20 for 10w40 castrol gtx and a new motorcraft filter. Ran the same test as yesterday and I now have 25 psi at hot idle in gear and the issue did not occur.

I welcome any opinions regarding my low oil pressure solution.

My thinking with increasing the oil weight was that if I had the correct oil pressure and did the switch then it would cause issues with clearances but since I was getting low pressure it means there is already an issue with clearances and the additional weight would not be an issue.

lewissa81 09-04-2014 02:07 AM

When you did the timing chains, were the guides broken? The chains can get loose and break the plastic guides. Peices of the plastic can block the oil pump pickup.

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