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Problem. I bought a new 16 F150 XLT Sport with the Special Edition package. The original black plastic bed caps have a stake pocket punch out at the rear only, not on the front. I wanted to add Chrome bed rails so I went to my local dealership and inquired about them. He went out and looked at my truck and then a 2016 XLT sport w/o the special edition package and that truck had punch outs on front and rear of the plastic bed caps. He took that vin and ordered a new set for me. When they came in, they were exactly like mine. He called Ford Corp. parts and they said the part number he ordered was the only # they have for replacement caps. So where can I get OEM bed caps that have stake pocket punch-outs at the front and rear?
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I had the same problem with transmission noise when shifting from 5 down to 3. My department put an additive into the fluid and the noise was eliminated. If your getting hard shifting as ii did, then what finally fixed it was a tranny rebuild (including valve body) and resetting the adaptive learning. Having dealt with my transmission problems, this is what finally fixed it. Best of luck!
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Howdy, I have a 2011 F-150 Super crew Ecoboost that I purchased new and now have 133,000 miles on. It's been an excellent truck. The question I have is the passenger side turbo is making a sound like a giant salt shaker. The truck is running fine, fuel mileage is normal, no trouble lights. Is this the turbo rubbing or is the waste gate acting up? The noise used to be just the normal turbo whine but is changed to the salt shaker sound all of a sudden. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, John
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Default Transmission Failure(s)

I sent a pm for Ford Customer Service and have yet to hear back. I have been a customer of Sunset Ford of Sumner (formerly riverside ford) for over 5 years. This store is located in Sumner, Washington. Below is a summary of what is going on with my vehicle (VIN: in pm message).
2005 F-150 Lariat 5.4L 4x4

In April of 2014 my original transmission went out, I went to Sunset Ford (then Riverside) where I purchased a new transmission (4/8/2014), which came with a 3-year warranty. All was well.

May of 2015 when the transmission started 'clunking', at this point Sunset determined that the transmission should be 'overhauled', they took care of it.

Early September in 2015, the torque converter failed. Sunset replaced it.

Then on 9/29/2015 the transmission had to be 'overhauled' AGAIN! (yep, that date is correct). At this point, it was still under warranty, not a problem. Sunset took care of it.

After this work was done the truck would occasionally shake (yes, the entire truck would shake) under acceleration, but I couldn't replicate it, it was always at random. In conversations with my service representative she told me that unless it can be replicated, there was nothing they could do.
Now here we are in July of 2017 and my transmission has completely failed (3 months out of warranty) and I have been told there is NOTHING THEY COULD DO! They informed me that it would be $3,908 before tax to replace it with a new transmission!

A NEW transmission should last a LOT longer than 3 years and 3 months given that the only thing I do with the truck is drive on the freeway and around town!
What can Ford do to rectify this situation?
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I highly doubt you will gain any traction here. The Ford CSR's have pretty much abandoned the forum. They haven't posted in a very long time.

As for your issue with the warranty, that will need to be handled by the dealer. Didn't they warrant the overhaul? you also haven't stated how many miles between failures, but this isn't the place for it either. Try under the forum for your MY truck. Wont do much good in this area.
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long gone.
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Anyone know of another avenue?
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I'm new to the Forum and was looking to see if Ford has any assistance for the repairs on the common Sunroof failure on a broken track carrier. I have a 2013 raptor, 44k miles, Shelby perf package. I have owned it for 30 days and now have a ,$1200-$2000 dealer price repair, before I have even made my first payment. It's more than a little disappointing for a 4 year old truck with fairly low miles. The dealer I bought it from (Akins. Winder,GA ) has very politely said they are not responsible and not going to do anything to help me out. Since I didn't buy their extended warranty. And this is Regardless of their very poor dealer inspection. I feel their inspection process is poor due to An even earlier issue I had after driving it home to Indiana. I started smelling a musty smell about a week after I got t home. I pulled out the storage bin under the back seat to find a large mouse nest. It was fairly new and of course everything in that cavity of space is saturated in mouse urin. Shame on me for not checking that. But This tells me that their inspection process is sloppy at best. I assume from something this simple being passed over that most of the more intense inspections were skipped as well. So anyone else out there. Buyer be ware as the saying goes. Buy the extended warranties. This dealers enormous sizes and volume has left them with very little quality control from my experience. I will give them credit for solving the mouse issue though. Being that i am 600 miles away. They have agreed to pay to have the truck professionally cleaned and have the inner body cavitys treated with 3M sprayin body wax to prevent any corrosion issues from forming. It's going to cost $500 so it's not a simple detailing. So good for them in that regard.

Again is Ford offering any assistance to consumers in getting this repair made? I realize it hasent made it to Recall status as far as volume of defects. But I'm sure it's an internally, well know problem with this generation of Ford trucks.

Thanks for your time.
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Ford Service has not been on this forum since February.
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