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Drewtilgh 03-25-2008 04:24 PM

Firing order for 2oo1 4.6 Triton
I have a misfire in my number five cylinder and am trying to figure out the firing order or my engine so I can figure out which cylinder is number 5. When standing at the front of the truck looking at the engine does anyone know the cylinder layout so I can replace the coil an sparkplug.

05 super 03-25-2008 04:28 PM

4 8

3 7

2 6

1 5

firing order 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 according to my chilton. 4 and 8 are the back cylinders.

Drewtilgh 03-25-2008 04:57 PM

Thank you for the firing order.I have another question what is the best spark plug i can use for my 2001 4.6l triton

05 super 03-25-2008 05:07 PM

ford plugs are good. when my plugs were changed on my 97 4.6 i put in ford. autolite are popular too. you'll get some more responses.:)

dixie1 04-03-2008 01:48 PM

take off the coil and pull out the spring spray it with wd40 and put it in up side down and put the coil back on and i would suggest replaceing all thge boots. when they crack they build moisture and it will cause the triton 4.6 and 5.4 to miss fire my dads truck did it last year cyl 4 mis fire is what the computer said

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