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Umpire613 02-27-2014 08:13 PM

95 F150 Truck died on Drive
My son has a 1995 f150 xlt, stepside. 302 automatic about a week ago he went out started the truck to wam it up a it was negatibe temps. and pack his lunch for the day.

While inside the truck died. He had a full tanke of gas. we tried to fire it back up and it would not start.

Wedid a quick check of fuses, all were good We had fought a frozen fuel line a month earlier so we have the books out..

To make the story shorter. we listened for the fuel pump to turn on when the key was turned nothing.. no noise of the pump.. o

So last weekend the tank was dropped and a new pump put in. put in place and till nothing. check the old pump avross the battery and it runs. so that was done in vein.

so we had a new fuel pump relay .. put it in. still nothing.

There isi only one tank so no dual tanks, no extra switch,

We checked the inertia switch it was not or had not been depresses some how.

So the question is 2 really.. it there a fusable link from the harness to the tank, if so where is it.

and secondly has anyone had and issue with the pcm dieing No smell of burning at all.. and not going thru the sequence to turn on the pump?

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