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92f150nite 12-02-2011 08:55 PM

92 f150 MAF Conversion question.
So I own a 92 f150 nite edition with a 302 "suppossedly out of a boss mustang which hasn't yet been determined but will see if thats true" and I am looking to slowly convert it to be MAF so I can tune it easier for my goal of turbo charging. I've looked around and read forums but I wanted a specific yes or now on if this will work.

I was looking into buying an A9L ecu out of a mustang and hopefully its matching wiring harness and MAF throatle body w/ sensor.

Will that work with a stock 302 and just be a simple unplug and swap?

Another question is can i use my original upper intake and just modify the intake pipes to go from one to two so it works?

Any information is greatly appreciated! and if I happened to skim over this exact topic can you please leave the link.

Thank you very much!

dirtcrew51m 12-02-2011 09:03 PM

Yes, mass air conversions are popular, just watch what maf harness you use with the ecu, you have to use an obd1 ecu with an obd1 harness, and an obd2 ecu with an obd2 harness, they dont match up otherwise, and you can use the stock throttle body with the 2 hose into one, thats how Ford did it. Basically all other sensors are the same on trucks and cars.

92f150nite 12-02-2011 09:14 PM

Thank you for suck a quick reply! I have spent hours almost days ha :) researching and I just wanted someone who knows to say "yes you are headed in the right direction." As for the OBDI or OBDII I understand that and I planned on staying with OBDI for ease of things. I'm just starting into this whole modify your car thing. I'm only 19 and moneys tight so i can't afford to mess up. Once again thank you very much!

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