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how to stiffen rear end

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Originally Posted by pipe hand 87 View Post
The trailer is 2300 lbs under my max tow limit so by saying if my truck still sags after the wd hitch doesnt mean I shouldnt be on the road it simply means my old leaf springs need help or hd shocks.
Disagree. Your truck has two basic weight limiters - GCWR and GVWR. The max tow limit is based on the GCWR. But a sagging rear end after tightening up a WD hitch means you are exceeding the GVWR of your truck. In other words, you're overloaded.

GCWR (and tow rating) indicates how much load you can pull without overheating anything in the drivetrain. GVWR (and payload rating) indicates how much load you can carry on the trucks axles, including hitch weight, without overloading the suspension, tires and brakes of the tow vehicle. Most trucks with single rear wheels can pull a lot more trailer than they can carry the hitch weight of that trailer.

For example, my '99.5 F-250 diesel had a tow rating of 13,000 pounds, but I was overloaded with my 5er that grossed only 8,000 pounds. My current pickup has a tow rating of 8,400 pounds, but my small travel trailer that grosses only 4,870 pounds overloads the pickup over the GVWR of the pickup. Sure, I can mask the symptoms of being overloaded by installing air bags or heavier-duty rear springs, but that will not increase the GVWR of my truck. My WD hitch levels out the truck and masks the symptoms of being overloaded, but I am still overloaded. It's easy to tell by reading the CAT scale ticket.

HD shocks won't help with an overloaded rear suspension, unless you mean air shocks. Way back in the early 1980s, I used air shocks on my car to tow a fold-up camper trailer with an enduro dirt bike on the tongue of the trailer. Yes, I was overloaded, but the 1980 AMC Hornet Sportabout with 304 V8 and air shocks did a good job of getting up to the mountain playground in Colorado and back home to Omaha. Durn, I just realized that was more than 30 years ago! Time flies when you're having fun.

I was just wondering witch way I should go to get most bang gor my buck so wd hitch I will get and see where it leaves me however witch next step should I take if more improvement is needed thanks guys
I've already answered that. I'd add air bags to the rear suspension, after I weighed the rig to determine exactly how much overloaded I was. But do not think that air bags will increase your legal GVWR. They won't.

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