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2009 sunroof track replacement

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Thumbs up 2009 sunroof track replacement

Let's start out by saying my 09' just went out Of warranty and after many calls and emails he best I could get was %10 off the repair which was 1700$ including parts. Now I don't know about the rest I you but that's more than my mortgage, so that was out!!

So I wen online and found a website that sales ford parts at wholesale and got he track for $660 dollars.

The install took my 4 hours at a very slow pace while doing other side projects, if you jammed it out it can be completed in half the time.

You will need a buddy to assist with removal/replacement of the track and headliner so you don't Dany the rest of your interior.

Tools required were
a metric socket set
Small size torx driver
Small Phillips screwdriver

I conside myself a do it yourselfer and not an expert by any means.


Start by removing the headliner, to do so remove both sun visors
The sunglasses holder and both clothes hangers in the back.
The headliner can be pulled down at this point(wiring is still attached)
No need to pull the plastics from the pillars( the headliner is very maluable.

At this point leave the wiring look attached to the headliner just unplug it at the front and rear o the cab.

Now here's the hardest part

You have 2 options easy first

I used painters tape on my center console and dash to protect it while I rotated the headliner an wedged it out he passenger door. Trust me it fits!

The hard way

Unbolt your center console and slide it back towards the rear of the truck,
I still recommend covering it to protect it.

Ok headliner is out.

Now I removed the glass because I don't trust myself.
4 torx screws hold it to the track. Lift the glass out thru the roof.

At this point remove the wire loom from the sunroof motor.

There are 8 or so bolts holding in the track system

I removed them leaving one on each side so that I could call a buddy over to support one side while I unbolted the other side. Than just like the headline we bright it out thru the passenger door.

Now that it's out you have to remove the motor and place it in the new track
You have to remove an upper crossmember as well as the rear support and put them on the new track.

The last thing to do is remove the sunshade from the old track,

There may be an easier way to do I but I just popped it out and popped it back in the new track.

From here it's easy just replace everything in the same order you removed it. I took special care to hooking up the electrical before reinstalling the headliner so I knew it worked!!

Good luck,

This is a very easy project that seems overwhelming at first look.
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The sunroof tracks break frequently. Mine was broken and going to Ford for the parts was not so good. No user replacement parts available there - the entire rack assembly was $600 plus with a wholesale pricing. Retail is much more.
I talked with the dealer service man who makes an average of one of these replacements each week. He stated that they parts are a weak link but a good souce of revenue for the dealer.
These units are similar in all Ford vehicles for numerous years now.
I found that "SunRoof Doctor" sunroofdr.com sells the replacement parts; the sliders and such that fit on the main assembly. These are the parts that usually fail. You still have to remove the entire assembly to replace these parts. We (2 of us) made the repair in about 3 hours. Some of that time spent looking on the internet to find the proper procedure for removal of everything holding the headliner in place. This was the most difficult part of the job.
The cost for the parts is $54.75 per side - I needed both sides so $109.50 plus shipping. Much better deal than the expense of replacing the entire assembly.
SunRoof Dr. provides detailed instructions that are a little different than what is described in the above post.
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Give the OP a cigar for thinking to remove the glass before removing the sunroof. I wish I took the glass out first. It needs to be removed anyway to swap out the track parts I got from Sunroof Doctor.

I've had this thread bookmarked for many months while the replacement parts sat in the garage. I tackled this project this weekend and am just about done. I'm taking it slowly, but I wanted to thank the OP for sharing the process. With a three day weekend, and no hurry, I removed the seats and center console.

And I'll never use that stinkin' sunroof again. Probably. I don't want it breaking again. At least it's seated properly and won't cause any wind noise.
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many of you mention the sunroof tracks... is that in the kit from sunroof dr or seperate part that needs to be ordered?????
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I am having the same problem at this time and have been checking out my options. The parts from sunroofdr($150.00) do not include the track but from what I have seen you don't need the track unless the dealer does the repair for around $2000.00 may be job is easier and makes dealer more money. I have seen many posts that people use parts from sunroofdr and they seam to be happy. If I am incorrect please let me know because I am trying to decide if I DIY or pay.

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I had just posted this earlier. I had repaired mine 4 years ago with sunroofdr parts.

"The dealers DO NOT sell any replacement parts..... They sell the entire track assembly.
I went into a dealership where I was welcomed into the repair area. Spoke with the man that made the replacements. He took me to a storage area where I inspected numerous tracks that had been replaced and were waiting on their trip to the dump. All of the failures were similar with broken struts (possibly wrong name). No damage to the tracks whatsoever. It's not a matter of the track needing to be replaced - it's the Ford policy. They do not sell any repair parts for the sunroof. (If Ford now sells sunroof parts, it is new policy. They did not do so in 2012).
From there I ordered parts from sunroofdr.com for $126. Been almost 4 years now and not even a strange sound. Sunroof works perfectly."
When I repaired mine, did not remove the seats, left the headliner laying on top of the seats. Total repair time was 3 hours for 2 of us. Everything completely back together and no signs of the repair having been done.
Year models 2000 through 2014 F150's have the same sunroof repair kits from sunroofdr.com.

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if you dont mind the time and like to DIY...its a diy project. I paid to just get it done and it onlyl cost me 200 to have installed and didnt have the time to take all apart and do myself. They for what its worth, warned me to grease the tracks every year and that will help them last longer as the grease can dry up and cause it to have some drag or add pressure on parts if you dont keep it lubed.
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