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Originally Posted by Chris74 View Post
FYI - I am a fleet manager for an agricultural company here in Ontario Canada. I have a fleet of 126 trucks, which includes 57 F-150's reg-cab 2wd ecoboosts (2011-2013's).

I am a huge Ford supporter and have been very "pro-ecoboost" since it's launch in the F-150. I also own a 2011 FX4 crewcab that has been 5-Star tuned for abour 20,000km's and now SSI tuned for the past 10,000km's.

I am starting to become very concerned with this engine and specifically the timing chains. In the past 4 months I have had 17 timing chains break on 2011 ecoboosts. All trucks were between 130,000 and 160,000km's. Some of them only needed a timing chain replacement and others need a whole new engine (which is over $13,000 Canadian). I am still working with my Ford rep to see if they will help me out with some of them......but it's not looking good because they are slightly past my goodwill warranty (130,000km).

The interesting thing is........the replacement timing chain is thicker and more stout than the original. This tells me that Ford knows they have a problem!

I am becoming very disapointed in the performance of these trucks and loosing confidence in their reliability in my fleet. So far the following issues with these 2011 ecoboosts (outside of the usual ball joints, brakes and regular maintenance) have been very costly for us......

Rear differentials - almost every truck
wheel bearings - most of them
left side turbos - 3 trucks
vacuum pumps, master cylinder - 15-20 trucks
timing chains - 17 trucks and counting (all within recent 4 months)

I am not bashing Ford (yet).......just sharing some real world info with you guys since I have so many of these trucks in a heavy service fleet environment. I even have 6 of them with well over 200,000 km.

Am I concerned about timing chains/engines on these 2011 ecoboosts?......You bet I am. I am even more worried about my own truck since it is tuned and I drive it pretty hard on occasion.......will the timing chain break even earlier.??? I don't know, but I am worried that it will. If I am going to keep it past 100,000km, I will be looking to add an aftermarket extended warranty.

My intention is not to **** anybody off with this post.......I am just giving you guys a heads-up, especially if you are nearing 130,000km's or 80,000 miles on your 2011's.
thinking about it... its likely this thread isn't specific to ecoboost, but perhaps the application of an F150.

as I had aforementioned, I'd saying timing chains usually go do to either poor design causing poor lubrication and premature wear or lack of maintenance.

however 100% of diffs and so many wheel bearings going to me, indicates that these trucks are being used for capacities beyond its rating.

A F150 8.8 is more than capable to be a work truck, let alone an open w/ electric locker 9.75.

I'm thinking that these trucks must be used to haul (not tow) a significant amount of weight, through interesting conditions, likely requiring higher payload ratings and Axels that should be free floading (w/ more bearings). So if your crew is bombing around a heavy load on an engine that hasn't even warmed up... you're going to have issues.

I know this doesn't account for the timing chain issue, but I'm thinking that your guys could have put some main bearing damage on these blocks as well as the transmission and possibly the front IFS setup.

A 250 ton just has so much more of that "work" application from suspension, brakes, solid front axles and free floating rear, that it may be more relevant to your company's field of work.

if what you say is true, that there are changes to the actual timing chain from 2011+, I'm happying I have a 2014 lol

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