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northlight labs 06-15-2013 06:09 PM

REMINDER: Door Detent 3.0 FREE SHIPPING thru Father's Day.
Door Detent 3.0 by northlight labs solves the annoying issue
Ford F-150 owners encounter with the front door detent
positions being either 'Too Close In' or 'Too Far Out.'

In fact, our research indicates nearly 70% of 2009-2013
F-150 owners are 'annoyed' with factory positions
while the rest are 'somewhat annoyed.'

Door Detent 3.0 features a third 'Just Right' detent
precision CNC-machined in the arm of a new
Genuine Ford Door Check Assembly.
  • Provides Easier Entry + Exit
  • Helps Prevent Dings + Dents
  • Creates Parking Peace of Mind
  • Installs With Basic Hand Tools
  • 100% Satisfaction Promise

front door pair $89.95** USD

NOTE: A 4-pack will be available soon, but for those that purchase front doors in advance of rear door availability, your price for the rear doors at a later date will not exceed 4-pack total price. Guaranteed.
inspired by inconvenience

* Our standard USPS Priority Mail service. Canadian order shipping cost will be reduced by equivalent amount.
** Plus applicable Sales Tax. All payments process through PayPal. Major credit cards accepted. No PayPal account necessary.

KRIEGHOFF 06-15-2013 06:33 PM

Best thing I put on my truck!!

schizbomb 06-15-2013 06:46 PM

Do you have a write up of the research you did into F150 owners being annoyed by the door positions?

Rnlcomp 06-15-2013 07:04 PM

I can say it REALLY annoys me, has ever since I got the truck. I'll modify my own before I pay that much however.

BarryT82 06-15-2013 07:08 PM

Everyone hates the stock ones. I'm afraid to open my door every time I park in my garage or driveway.

pprior 06-15-2013 07:37 PM

Agree it's annoying. Stupid design.

Don't think i want to disassemble my door to fix it however. Afraid something won't line up right and I'll be dealing with air leaks and noise forever.

northlight labs 06-15-2013 09:28 PM

@schizbomb. Thanks for asking.

Annoyance level was one of two questions on the “annoyance” topic as follows:

Q9 How annoyed are you with the current front door detent positions on your F-150?
• Very annoyed. I’m reminded almost daily of this issue.
• Somewhat annoyed. Sometimes I’m reminded of this issue.
• Not annoyed exactly. But I’m aware of the issue.

Q10 In what situations do you find the current door detent positions annoying?
Check all that apply.
• Parking lots.
• Home garage, carport, or driveway.
• Getting in and out regardless of where I am or what I'm next to.
• When I’m already in truck and I'm reaching to close door.
• When I have passenger and they’re not familiar with doors / door detents.
• Add any other situations. Please be specific.

We had a 15-question survey posted to in February 2013. While respondents were anonymous they were likely from this forum and viewers of the original thread on DD3.0. The context was we had a northlight labs beta website so the survey requirement was to simply go to the site and, of course, own a 2009-2013 F-150. Essentially, we wanted to learn if the website drove product understanding and purchase intent as well as get a sense of the mindset and habits of who might purchase.

The question topics were:

Overall Truck Satisfaction
Informative Level of Website
Installation Comfort Level
Purchase Intent
Stock Detent Annoyance Level
Annoyance Situations
Truck Usage
Monies Spent on Utility/Convenience/Comfort Mods
Monies Spent on Overall Mods
Time Spent on Website

If interested, on the home page of the website, I’ve given a few other results/stats from the research. And, I'd be happy to share more!

Mrs. northlight

schizbomb 06-15-2013 09:33 PM

I just wanted to know if the research was scientific or informal. Judging by Q9 and Q10 it is informal. I had actually never even thought of the detent "issue" until I read one of the threads here so I was curious.

northlight labs 06-15-2013 09:48 PM

pprior: No Door Disassembly Required
The door check assembly is not a weight-bearing component (like the door hinges). It does not influence door alignment or sealing.

Installation of northlight labs Door Detent 3.0 requires only the removal of the stock door check assembly (one bolt and two nuts).

Most people are able to install both driver and passenger sides in about an hour.

Check out to get a complete look at design , manufacturing and installation of DD3.0.

Thanks for your interest.

northlight labs

whoismoses 06-15-2013 09:55 PM


Originally Posted by pprior (Post 2771950)
Agree it's annoying. Stupid design. Don't think i want to disassemble my door to fix it however. Afraid something won't line up right and I'll be dealing with air leaks and noise forever.

I installed mine today. The hinges align the door, not the detent. 5 minutes on the driver side, 20 on the passenger side.

The product worked great!

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