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Eco Tuner 06-12-2014 11:26 AM

Eco Boost owners! RX Oil separating PCV system
Through the rest of June, Special sale on the RX dual valve oil/water/fuel separation system at

If you have a ecoboost in your F150 you may be aware of the shudder/misfire issues under load or acceleration. To date most of the TSB's have not been effective in fixing this as well as the liquid gunk (water, unburnt fuel, sulfuric acid, soot and carbon mix) accumulating in the crankcase and then in the CAC (intercooler). The reason this happens is the PCV system only evacuates properly at idle and low throttle, so most of the time the damaging combustion by-products that would be normally evacuated as soon as they enter as blow-by on most engines are forced to accumulate in concentrate in the crankcase where they mix with the oil and when crankcase pressure builds, are then forced out the clean side inlet (drivers side) into the driver side turbo inlet where they are drawn through the turbo and then forced into the CAC where they condense and accumulate:
You can see as this mix is allowed to settle what it is made up of:

This causes several issues, the most evident is the shudder/misfire when driving and you suddenly accelerate which causes some of this accumulated gunk to be pushed into the intake air charge and cause spark blow-out (make sure your plugs are gapped at .030 to help as well) and in severe cases the fluid is great enough it cannot compress so hydro-lock occurs and piston/rod damage can occur. Those that have had catastrophic engine failure most likely had this occur when cruising and accelerating suddenly to pass/merge/climb a hill, etc. where the sudden full boost pushes this mix from the CAC into the intake air charge.

Some also may notice your oil level increasing (making oil) as this mix accumulates in the crankcase diluting and contaminating the engine oil.

All engines have some blow-by. This is normal, and the compounds forced into the crankcase by this are normally evacuated by the PCV system as soon as they enter allowing most to be burned again in the combustion process causing no more than coking buildup on the intake valves over time. The EcoBoost by comparison also has a standard design PCV system (unlike most other turbo engines that have a properly designed PCV system) that rely's on intake manifold vacuum to evacuate, or draw/flush these compounds out as this video illustrates:

On the ecoboost the fresh, or clean side is on the drivers side of the engine....a tube running from the cam/valve cover to the driver side turbo inlet pipe, so the air is filtered and fresh. This is drawn through the crankcase as it flushes, and replaces foul, or dirty harmful compound laden vapors out the passengers side cam/valve cover, through the PCV valve located there. This works fine as long as there is no boost being made and there is plenty of vacuum present while running. But the ecoboost is a twin turbo, and the turbos are small, very efficient units that begin to spool up quickly so anytime your cruising or under any acceleration, the PCV valve closes to prevent boost from pressurizing the crankcase, and the flushing/evacuation halts. This is where these compounds then are allowed to accumulate. As this concentrate accumulates in the crankcase, some mixes with the engine oil and some is pushed backwards, out the fresh side tube into the drivers side turbo.

The RX systems unique dual valve evacuation corrects this flaw by using the intake manifold for evacuation suction while at idle and low throttle, and then when the IM no longer provides sufficient suction to maintain the fresh in, foul out, the primary valve will detect this and close. The secondary valve then opens and uses the suction from the turbo inlets to continue to provide steady, constant evacuation.

The RX unique 4 chamber, 3 step separation and containment process coalesces, condenses, and traps this mix to be emptied and disposed of properly (as you would any drain oil) keeping it not only out of the crankcase, but the CAC and the intake air charge as well. This is the ONLY system currently available that not only traps 95% plus the mix from ingestion, but also corrects the root cause of all of this to begin with.

The fresh side line is then relocated to the filtered side (top cover) of the air box preventing the suction of the drivers side turbo from drawing out foul vapors out the fresh side inlet being a complete solution to the issues:

And the RX can is still unequaled in effectiveness in separating and trapping these compounds as this test here can be performed with ANY catchcan on the market to verify:

And the results?

This is in the below zero winter when water will make up a good portion of the mix, expect far less water in the warm weather months....but this is what is trapped from ingestion in your engine, and also prevents it from accumulating in the crankcase and the CAC.

Eco Tuner 06-13-2014 06:11 PM

Special pricing going on right now!!!!! Click on our link!!!!

This is GUARANTEED to correct the issues (shudder/misfire, water fuel and other compounds accumulating in the engine oil, and this same gunk accumulating in the CAC).

If you experience any of these, we at EcoPowerParts have the solution you will NOT get with the TSB's. Over 450 EB owners attest to the results, and we will guarantee then as well.

Enjoy your EB fully w/out these nagging issues.


Eco Tuner 06-17-2014 02:31 PM

Models for Ecoboost, 5.0, 6.2, and all other applications as well. Questions? Just ask.

Eco Tuner 06-21-2014 10:28 AM

Anyone in doubt, just ask for data, study's, pictures, etc. On the fuel economy improvements to the intake valve coking. Or just what hundreds are draining that is now being caught that used to be ingested after mixing in the crankcase. :thumbsup:

Eco Tuner 06-21-2014 02:49 PM

What one of the Ford dealers that install these systems replied back to a member here that inquired. Note this is the Monster system and installed by them, as well as the exchange rate between US and Canada:

VT_Masters_14 06-22-2014 09:57 AM

Hmm might be interested in one of these for the 5.0 it really looks like it helps the engine out a ton!! About after how many miles should you empty it? Also what sort of fuel economy boost does it give the 5.0?

Scotsskier 06-22-2014 08:23 PM

What is the impact on the warranty if one of these is fitted?

Ecoboost_STS 06-22-2014 09:13 PM

I am very interested in this. When will you offer Ford factory colors? I see you have a full line of GM colors available

Eco Tuner 06-23-2014 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by VT_Masters_14 (Post 3560363)
Hmm might be interested in one of these for the 5.0 it really looks like it helps the engine out a ton!! About after how many miles should you empty it? Also what sort of fuel economy boost does it give the 5.0?

On the 5.0 empty every oil change...5k plus usually. The capacity is 12 oz's vs 1.5-2.5 for most cans. We have not tested the 5.0 on fuel economy but similar v8's average 1-2 MPG improvement.


Originally Posted by Scotsskier (Post 3561139)
What is the impact on the warranty if one of these is fitted?

To date over 14,500 in use (the RX system) over nearly 13 years and no reports of warranty ever being denied, but every dealer is independent. More Ford dealers are selling and installing these direct so that helps as well.


Originally Posted by Ecoboost_STS (Post 3561240)
I am very interested in this. When will you offer Ford factory colors? I see you have a full line of GM colors available

Most any color.....several GM colors match the Fords pretty close, but ask Mike or Tom the specific color your interested in.

The system for the 5.0 or 6.2 is the same...and is the single valve for under $200.:thumbsup:

Eco Tuner 06-27-2014 12:15 PM

The final results of the long term test are available in the "UPR vs RX catchcan" test thread.

We have these for the EB, 5.0, 6.2, etc as well. The most effective solution equal in effectiveness.


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