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Best movies of your time

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Default Best movies of your time

Since I hit 30 I have started to find older movie are better than what's out now what are your favorite?


Anything by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mainly Terminator series.
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Saving Private Ryan
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Every era has its great movies and then a bunch of stinkers.

My collection includes movies from the late 50's onward.

The 60's was the ultimate time for westerns and when westerns also changed dramatically. "The man who shot Liberty valance" and "Fist full of Dollars" was only 2 years apart.

The 70's was largely a pit of depressing and gritty anti hero stuff. Some of it was good like Dirty Harry and The French connection. Of course Star Wars came out and blew us away. I still remember how my jaw pretty much hung open in total shock during the entire movie in 1977. Today people don't really understand how much of a total shocker it really was at the time. Imagine being the Wright brothers and suddenly a 747 flys over head. Kind of like that.

After that The 80's brought us a hopeful blockbuster every week..... I loved alot of these movies but the 80s also brought alot of teen sappy crappy stuff that I despised. Unfortunately I had to endure alot of this becuse this was also the time in my life I was trying to "hook up" and that's what they normally wanted to see. Alot of promising dates ended when I commented on how whiny *** most of the characters were.

The 90s took the 60's and 70 and with a sprinkling of 80s blockbusting and produced things like Pulp Fiction, Forest Gump, Schindler's list.......And PIXAR!!!

Sense then its been kind of a continuation of the 90s but with fewer success in my opinion.

And I talk to much.......Whatever, I own about 800 movies so its a bit difficult for me to just chose a few.

OK! All time favorite movie - Outlaw Josey Wales. (Until I change my mind)
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I really like the cartoon movies such as Cars, Lion King, shrek, Ice age, etc.
Those old Chevy Chase movies like Vacation are good to.
Die hard, Sixth sense, Green mile, Transporter, Cider house rules, Double jeopardy, Nine below ( because i worked on it lol)
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Default Best movies of your time

**** I was born in '89 so I grew up with Disney and Pixar movies. Although they're before my time, Star Wars and The Exorcist are high up on my list. The Green Mile is am awesome movie and to this day I still have none of the usual issues I normally do when a book gets turned into a movie.
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Patton and Excalibur


Blazing Saddles and Airplane


Science Fiction:
Star Trek 2 and Aliens


Psycho and The Shining


While there are many more that rate extremely high on my lists such as Young Frankenstein, The Last Starfighter, Dirty Harry, Bullitt I picked just a few.
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I grew up in the 80s and 90s so I'll second the OP's choice of Arnie action flicks. T2 is still one of my all time favourite action/sci-fi movies.
Every era has a plethora of crap films and I think today is no different except that the movie going crowd is more critical overall. I can think of plenty of awesome movies released in the last 10 years but it's hard to choose just one or even a few as my favourites.
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Man, this is so tough. Some movies are simply nostalgic to us, while others moved us emotionally. I am not one to cry at movies, but someone mentioned Saving Private Ryan. I will admit, I bawled like a baby at the end of that movie. Why? Because it hit home. I have two amazing girls and an amazing wife, and every day, I ask myself "Was I the best father and husband I could have been?". Man, how powerful was that scene?
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Sergio Leone's Once upon a time in the west
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The "best" changes depending on the day, so here are my frontrunners:

Comedy: Blazing Saddles, History of the World, Airplane, Blues Brothers

Military: Patton, A Bridge too far, Bat-21, Midway, We Were Soldiers

Drama: The Godfather trilogy, Mr. Holland's Opus, Dead Poets' Society, Gran Torino

Action/Adventure: Kelly's Heroes, Die Hard1 and 2, Lethal Weapon

Westerns? The Duke and Clint Eastwood....too many to list, but She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, The Outlaw Josey Wales, True Grit, High Plains Drifter, You guys know the list on those...LOL

Science Fiction: Star Trek 1 and 4 (yes, I know, 1 was booooring...), 2001, Men In Black, Star wars original trilogy.

Fantasy: The Hobbit, LOTR
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